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As you have probably seen elsewhere on this site, we encourage you to do your research about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and even about us. In this section, you will find links to articles and publications we think will help you started on your way toward a great experience with hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and Hypnotechs®. We've also included a news section that plucks the latest headlines from Google News, though it appears that is not always an exact science so don't be surprised by some of the strange stuff that gets included there. Happy researching!


Choosing a Hypnotherapist

Choosing a hypnotherapist doesn't have to complicated or difficult. Start here for a few tips to get started.


Hypnosis Articles

Articles on other sites about hypnosis, how it is used and hypnotherapy applications.


Arons Scale

Arons Scale is a method of estimating hypnotic depth used by Hypnotechs. It is based upon easily recognizable signs.


The Lemon Test

Imagination is key to hypnosis. The more vividly you can imagine something, the more susceptible to hypnosis you are. This test is one measure of your imagination.


Kappasinian Theory of Mind

According to the Kappasinian "Theory of Mind", the mind is divided into four areas; all of which must be affected to enter the state of hypnosis.


Kappasinian Suggestibility

Comprised of "Physical" and "Emotional" components, the Kappasinian system measures how best to communicate with the subconscious.


The Spiegel Test

Herb Spiegel may be best remembered for his discovery of the Eye Roll Sign (ERS) and its relation to innate trance capacity.


Hypnosis News

Hypnosis in the news, aggregated by Google News.


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If you need to find something in a hurry, this site map lists everything on the site in one easy to use page.


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