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For some people, what matters is the more than three decades of experience I have in using hypnosis. For those who are interested in that, I first learned hypnosis at Western Washington University in 1983, while loitering around the psychology department. I've used it or it's cousin NLP in one form or another ever since.

Other people like to see certificates, diplomas, and licenses. For that group, my formal education consisted of 350+ hours of instruction, followed by 200+ hours of supervised time with clients, before they ever set me loose on my own. Also for that second group, here's a list of credentials:

Rob Perin C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist

Registered Hypnotherapist - Washington State Department of Health #HP60794159

Certified Hypnotherapist - National Guild of Hypnotists #59068

Certified Master Hypnotist - AFL-CIO Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472 #39463819

Professional Member - American Hypnosis Association #003816

Diploma in Hypnotherapy - HMI College of Hypnotherapy (accredited by the USDE) #101415

Hypnotechs® is registered - Washington State Department of Revenue

Premium Member - City of Duvall Chamber of Commerce

American Hypnosis Association Certifications:

*Smoking Cessation
*Eating Disorders
*Trauma Recovery Hypnosis
*Hypnosis and PTSD
*Hypnosis and Seniors
*Hypnosis and Sports Performance
*Hypnosis and Weight Loss
*Hypnosis and Pain Management
*Hypnosis and Childbirth
*Emergency Hypnosis
*Dynamic Hypnosis Speeches
*Rapid and Instant Inductions
*Handwriting Analysis

Bona Fide

National Guild of Hypnotists

American Hypnosis Association


Hypnotherapist's Union Local 472


HMI College of Hypnotherapy


Member Duvall Chamber of Commerce

March 22, 2018, 3:10 PDT

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