After the schooling, after the certifications, even after starting the practice, what comes next?

Well, finding a place to hang up a shingle, to open the office, to settle down.

It's been a struggle. I have knocked on a lot of doors, handed out a lot of fliers and talked to a lot of prospective landlords looking for the right space, the right amount of space at the right price.  My simple needs are the sticking point. I only need 100 sqft or so. I don't need 2000 sqft with a reception desk, his and hers restrooms and a break room. 

A tiny space with pretty much no amenities is hard to find.

But, last week at the Duvall Chamber of Commerce, I met a landlord. He seems like a great guy and it sounds like he may have just what I am looking for.

My fingers are crossed.

More to come...

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April 26, 2018, 21:29 PDT

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