With the permission of his doctor, I have been working with a senior on some issues related to aging. Last week, he asked if we could do anything about his failing balance.

After interfacing with the M.D. to make sure that he had no objections and that hypnosis was not contraindicated for any reason, I started to work on a plan. Balance is intriguing to me because it's plainly something that happens in the brain, but at a level we are not usually aware of.

When I talked it over with my client, it was obvious that he and his doctor had come to the conclusion that his failing balance was a direct result of aging and he felt that it was inevitable that it was going to get worse. Not the sort "can do" head start I usually hope for. But with more discussion, it became clear that while my client was resigned to that ongoing change, what he feared was falling. It seems that losing his balance didn't bother him as much as the possible outcome of a fall. That made sense. So I asked him if he had more warning of a balance issue, instead of being surprised would that help?  He responded that if he had more notice, he could reach out, sit down, lean against something, grip his cane and so on. He had any number of ways to potentially reduce the impact of a loss of balance episode.

My next question to him was since balance happened unconsciously, was it possible that some part of his mind knew that a loss of balance was imminent before he became consciously aware of it. He acknowledged that was quite likely.

My client is a disaster preparedness buff, so in trance, I talked about early warning systems, especially the progress that is being made in earthquake prediction where under some conditions, a warning of seconds can now be given. That's just enough time to sound an alarm or to shut down sensitive equipment, close valves or otherwise take action to prevent damage. From his reaction, he was familiar with the research. Finally, I suggested that his subconscious had always known before he did when balance problems were ahead and that he could imagine being able to listen to that alarm as it's given, then react accordingly with more notice than he had before when it was already too late.

We are approaching a week since we met and my client reports that he feels more confident in his footing now. According to his trainer at the gym, the change is obvious. I am very interested to see what he reports when I see him again next week.

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April 26, 2018, 21:28 PDT

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