I have been on a quest lately, looking for a "forever home" for Hypnotechs. I don't really expect it to be forever, but something available five-days a week for a few months would be nice. Don't get me wrong, the clients have been great as I move from place to place, site to site, room to room, even making a ton of housecalls, but even a cowboy wants to settle down someday.

In my search for space, I have been talking to a lot of people at a lot of different kind of offices. On a lark today, I stopped by a sort of "health and wellness" center where there are all kinds of practioners in one place. I explained who I was and asked if there might be room for a Certified Hypnotherapist. A very nice woman explained that they aleady had one and gave me a fact sheet about their "hypnotherapist".

Yes, I put that in quotes. I was unable to find a Washington State registration for their person to begin with, despite that being required by law. The more I looked into this person, the more I found that there was no information available on the web for many of the credentials listed and that when there was, they came from a number of known "diploma mills" where you can purchase documents without any actual schooling. That included a B.S., an M.S. and a Ph.D, all from the same known diploma mill. 

This person has even been called out online and shown documentation that the credentials claimed are worthless, yet continues to call themselves "Doctor" and claim they are legit.

I am not calling this person out or naming them. But please be careful out there folks. You might walk into someplace and find someone like this. Do your research, I give a few tips on my "Choosing a Hypnotherapist" page. This person might be the greatest, but is it worth the chance? In my mind, a person who takes that kind of shortcuts doesn't get, well, in my mind...

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April 26, 2018, 21:30 PDT

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