In general, I recommend a minimum of two sessions for just about anything. It's not a hard/fast rule, but it dramatically increases the chances of success over a single session. There are plenty of exceptions, the guy who is afraid to fly, just got his nerve up to see me and leaves tomorrow and of course, all the people who want to experience hypnosis, but don't have anything, in particular, they want to work on.  But for the vast majority of people, in most situations, two sessions is the minimum I will recommend.

So, to help reinforce that, I have put together a new customer bundle that combines the 90-minute introductory session and the 60-minute follow-up session that is the preferred pattern, all for one reduced price. In fact, the price is low enough that it's almost like paying for the second session and getting the introduction for free.

I hope this makes the process a bit more accessible and so far the feedback has been good.

You can view all the details here: 2018 Introductory Package, for as long as the deal lasts.

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April 26, 2018, 21:29 PDT

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